Why Your Small Business Needs a Podcast

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If you have an audience within your online platforms, chances are you’ve thought about starting a podcast. Not only is it exciting to interview others, you also have the possibility to reach hundreds or thousands of listeners from around the world! 

If you aren’t quite sure that you’re ready for it, or just need a little push, this post is for YOU!

Get Personal With Your Audience

Having a new form of content will already establish a closer bond with your audience, but audio in particular makes your words more personal and authentic. Listeners will hear your emotions, and connect with your stories in a new way. Podcast listeners are also multi-taskers - you are always doing something else when you listen to a podcast. This requires less commitment and effort from your audience, because they don’t need to give all of their attention to you just yet.

Monetize Your Show

From sponsorships to promoting your own product or service, there are a number of ways to make money off of your podcast. Although it can be just a hobby, it definitely does not have to be. If you have your own product or service, you can use your podcast to entice your ideal client, then promote what you do in your episodes.

Increase the Size of Your Audience

Many podcasts have a guest on every show, and although this makes the episode more engaging, there are other benefits to doing it as well. When someone else is on your podcast, they will promote it to their audience too. This increases the size of your network and viewership, helping your podcast grow even more! Not only do you connect with a new audience by having guests, but you will also likely make some close connections or friendships with your podcast guests.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Introducing audio into your online platforms gives you personality, because your readers might not even know your voice yet! Instead of telling your audience about yourself every week, you now get to show them who you really are. Your audience can resonate with your stories, and understand you in a new light. This will give them a whole new perspective on who you are, which creates a deep connection that makes you stand out!

…and, it’s Low Cost

After discussing all of the amazing benefits of podcasts, the best part is that they are low cost! Since we live in a tech savvy world, you probably have most, if not all, of the tools you need to start a podcast in your home already. If you have a laptop and good internet connection, you are already halfway there. You also don’t need a designated room, because as a beginner your equipment should not be extensive enough that you can’t pack it up after recording an episode.

So, what’s stopping you? 

It’s fun, fulfilling, low-cost, and will have a number of major benefits for your brand. You’ll make connections and grow your network, all while expanding your audience with the help of guests and a solid promotion plan. Podcasting is not just a hobby - it’s a smart marketing strategy!

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