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Acuity Scheduling

It will be so much easier to book interviews for your show and for other podcasts if you have an online scheduling system.  Acuity is my favorite because it is so customizable.  You can offer different time slots for different kinds of appointments and you can link questionnaires to your scheduling pages.


Your podcast needs an online home!  Buzzsprout has amazing customer service and resources, and they are super innovative with their platform.  They always seem to have something new and exciting in the works, making our lives as podcasters easier!

Buzzsprout offers 90 days free to try it out and see if you like it.  When you sign up using my affiliate link here, you will receive a $20 Amazon gift card once you upgrade to a paid account.


As a podcaster you will need to design your cover art as well as your graphics for promotion on social media. Canva is the bomb! With this easy-to-use design tool built for non-designers, you can create everything you need for your podcast with ease. I use it for everything and recommend it to everyone!


Beautiful stock photos will make your audience swoon over your website, blog, and social media posts. PixiStock provides a wide variety of gorgeous photos as well as lots of extra resources such as templates and a content calendar.


If you don’t think you’ll need anyone to sign anything as a podcaster, think again!  E-signatures are important for your interview guests to sign media releases, and of course if you want to outsource editing or other tasks you’ll need a signed agreement with your subcontractors.


Your email list is an essential element in building authentic connections with your audience.  No algorithms, no hashtags, and no hassle. Speak directly to your people, and promote your podcast AND your business!  FloDesk is absolutely gorgeous in Beta and will be even better when it’s fully functional. Use my affiliate link now and enjoy a 50% discount forever!


As a successful podcaster, you need a system for keeping track of all the details.  Trello has you covered! Log and organize your content ideas, promotion opportunities, and information about your guests.  It’s a digital version of all the post-it notes and handwritten checklists that are currently cluttering your office.  Plan your workflow and track your task completion with Trello.

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