Is your podcast starting to feel like a full time job?

 Are you tired of spending countless hours every week on your podcast when you have the rest of your business to run?

 Is the mad scramble to get your episode edited and out on time every week stressing you out?

 Do you feel like you just don’t have enough time to do it all?

 Are you still struggling to get your message heard, even after all that work?


Do you wish you could just show up, hit “record”, and then the rest just magically takes care of itself?

Well guess what, it CAN!

I will take the time-consuming podcasting tasks off your plate so you can focus on other important areas of your business.

You know that podcasting has so much potential to grow your business, but if you’re starting to wonder if it will ever fully work for you because you can’t seem to keep up… then you need me in your life!

Here’s the thing you’ve gotta know…  

Podcasting can be fun again. 

And the most important part? Podcasting is a MASSIVELY essential part of your marketing strategy that will connect you with your dream clients, when you do it right! 

All those back-end tasks, though? 

They are stealing you away from more important activities within your business…

What you WANT is a successful podcast, WITHOUT having to sacrifice so much of your valuable time to make it happen.

Can I get a “HECK YES”?! 

Listen, friend - I hear you!

There are SO MANY THINGS that go into a successful podcast. 

There’s the creation, the production and the promotion.

And if you’re doing ALL of this work every single week—week after week—you may feel like you are on a never-ending merry-go-round.


Is it making your head spin?


Give yourself back your valuable time, and leave the podcast work to me!


I will make your podcast finally work FOR you, rather than AGAINST you.

“Laura kept me on task and took everything with editing out of my hands! I loved it so much! I don’t think I ever would have gotten my podcast out there without her!”

Sabra Gilbert

The way you’ve been doing it is no longer working.

Just look what it’s costing you…

In Business…

You’re struggling to be heard at the level you want

➜ You’re desperate to see those download numbers increase

➜ You’re not sure how to effectively monetize and get more clients

In Life…

You’re losing sleep trying to get everything done

➜ You’re starting to doubt the effectiveness of your message

➜ Your family time and time to yourself feels like a faraway memory…

Phew! That’s a lot.

But don’t worry because help is finally here!

“Laura is a phenomenal editor and her attention to detail is superb…She’s also very open to suggestions and easy to work with…I would totally recommend her to anyone looking to save time on their podcast production!!”

Ryann Watkin

Monthly Packages

Are you getting way too big for your calendar? Does something just have to give?!

Then you’re an “Influencer” 

Recording your episodes and watching the downloads, reviews, and social media followers roll in?  That’s the good life when you’re a podcastHER.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur whose calendar is always packed, full-service podcast management is for you.  You’re a part of the team, participating in a monthly strategy call and communicating with me via Voxer.  I’ll set you up so you know exactly what to do before and after recording, and I will provide you with customized branded promotional graphics and soundbites for social media.  Your content will be planned, and your guests will be scheduled.  Podcasting doesn’t get any easier than this!

Or maybe you’re not quite ready to scale big yet, but just want to find a whole lot of relief!

Then you’re a “Rising Star”

You can see big things on the horizon, and you need more time to focus on your zone of genius.  This package is the perfect balance - you get to outsource some of your biggest headaches, and therefore significantly reduce the number of hours you’re spending on your podcast. You will get a lot of the same perks as you would with the Influencer package, but you will have to spend some time finding guests and promoting your show - if you’re into that sort of thing.

Or perhaps you’re just starting out in your business and you want to have a taste of what outsourcing is like before you eat the whole pie!

Then you’re a “Startup”

Nobody gets into podcasting because they’ve always wanted to spend hours a week editing.  Let’s get that off your to-do list (and let’s be real … it always got pushed to the bottom anyway)! 

When you’re just getting your feet wet in your business or in your podcast (or both!) you may want to learn what goes into making your show firsthand.  I’ll still guide you in what to do before and after you record, but we will stick to the basics for now.

Wherever you are in your business, I can help you. It all starts with a free call together. Let’s Talk!

Book Your Free Discovery Call

Now is the time to invest in your podcast!  The medium is growing faster than ever, and podcasts have some of the highest engagement out there. People are looking for leaders and listening for the next big thing … let’s make sure they find YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer customized packages?

Yes.  I recognize that your needs don’t always fit into one box.  We can definitely work together to create a management plan that is perfect for you.

What if I don’t have guests on my show?

No problem!  We can customize a package that takes this into account.  Your episodes will likely take less time to edit, and guest booking services will not be necessary.

Can I upgrade to a higher package?

Absolutely!  Two weeks notice will be needed to make changes to the package selection.

What if I want to add on the Visibility Booster package?

You will receive a $100 discount off your combined total for both packages each month.

Do you handle social media posting or engagement?

We can discuss adding this service to your podcast management package.  If I feel your needs are beyond the scope of my expertise, I can refer you to some excellent social media managers.

Curious about all you'll get?

Isn’t it time podcasting was enjoyable again?