Episode 16: Nurture Your Podcast Community, with Hayley Luckadoo


Hayley Luckadoo is a marketing coach and motivational speaker who empowers entrepreneurs to let go of the things holding them back and take the steps toward bigger dreams and a better life. She is an audacious dreamer who started with a hobby wedding planning business born out of her college apartment and turned it into a serial entrepreneur success story fueled by determination and Dr. Pepper. Through her company, Luckadoo Media, and her passion project, the Females on Fire podcast, Hayley spends most days in her pink office, creating content and resources to educate and motivate entrepreneurs to change their lives by stepping into action in their full potential.

Hayley shares her podcasting journey and how she nurtures her community of Females on Fire. We also discuss monetization strategies, as Hayley has experience with affiliate marketing, paid sponsorship, and pointing listeners toward her own products and services. Hayley is a community builder extraordinaire - you won’t want to miss her tips!


Since we recorded this episode, Hayley’s Females on Fire club was approved on Clubhouse!


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