Episode 13: Get Excited to Share Your Story on Your Podcast, with Jenessa MacKenzie

Jenessa is a spiritual business and mindset coach, and host of the Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast. She helps coaches, course creators, healers, creative entrepreneurs and online experts who are ready to tap into their true badassery and create and grow powerful brands that attract their soulmate clients and make sales fun & easy. She specializes in supporting women entrepreneurs who are ready to end their battle with self-sabotage, regain their kickass confidence and create the business and life of their dreams.

On this episode, Jenessa and I chat about the (slight) difference between excitement and fear when it comes to showing up authentically on your podcast. Attracting people to, and repelling people from, your business are both important factors that allow you to work with your dream clients - and your podcast can make that happen.

Some of these links are different than what was mentioned in the episode - the downfall of batch recording ūüėČ


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