Episode 20: Establish a Personal Brand Through Your Podcast, with Hilary Sutton

Hilary Sutton is CEO of HSL Digital, a content marketing consultancy that she runs from a loft above her bedroom. She is a keynote speaker and writer who has contributed to HuffPost, the Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo! Singapore, and HuffPost United Kingdom. The author of several eBooks and courses, Hilary also hosts the popular Hustle & Grace Podcast where she serves as chief explorer in cultivating a flourishing career and life.

Hilary began her career as a theatre actress, then transitioned to academics serving as professor of communications at Southern New Hampshire University. She has also held digital marketing roles at SpotCo, Pursuant, and McKinley Marketing Partners.

In this episode, Hilary provides recommendations for showing up and serving your audience AND your business as a podcaster. She encourages podcasters to think about what is sustainable for them and how they can build a personal brand through their shows. Everything we say and do contributes to this brand, and we want to make sure we are managing it well and optimizing the opportunities podcasting provides.




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