Episode 18: Attract Ideal Coaching Clients Through Your Podcast, with Gianna Badot

Gianna is a Business Mentor, Mindset Coach, Health & Wellness Expert, CPT, Yogi, & Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur! After 12+ years of coaching, mentoring, and working alongside successful entrepreneurs, Gianna has mastered the art of helping passionate coaches go from struggling to successful quickly. When you work with Gianna, you get results, changes happen, and your business (and life) will shift in the most powerful way. But what Gianna takes pride in most is her PASSION for what she does. She walks the walk and shows up authentically in everything she does. She’s living what she’s been called to do and it shines through every post she writes, program she creates, and coaching session she facilitates.

Gianna shares how she uses her podcast to warm up leads, get people onto her email list, and showcase her coaching skills and other expertise. She attracts ideal clients through her podcast with ease.





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