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Helping people has always been my passion.

I started out as a certified school psychologist, but after 5 years in the field, I was burned out on being overworked and under-appreciated. During this time, I also became a mother.

From the day my son was born and I looked upon his sweet face for the first time in the hospital room, I vowed to do better for him and for myself. He deserves a mama who is present, vibrant, and valued for what she does, not overworked and crawling into bed every night completely exhausted physically and emotionally.

I was going to find a way to work from home doing what I love, while at the same time having the ability to steal sweet baby cuddles throughout my workday.

It turns out that podcasting was the answer…

My first podcast was released out of necessity for community, as I journeyed through my own struggles of postpartum depression.

Through podcasting, I not only formed an incredible community to help me through one of my darkest seasons, but I realized just how much I enjoyed growing it! Everyday I would wake up and be so excited about the people I would reach today and the impact I was having in the lives of all my listeners.

Then one morning, it dawned on me…

THIS, this is what I am meant to do for others.

I want other ambitious women to feel this way, too.

I believe every woman deserves to be excited to wake up every single morning and know they are making a true difference in the lives of their listeners.

Now my mission is to empower you, the purpose-driven female entrepreneur, to share your message, grow your audience, and gain more revenue through the power of podcasting.  

When we work together, you’re making an investment that will yield far more in return than you can imagine. I go way beyond the typical virtual assistant or podcast manager. With me, you gain a strategic partner for your business, so your podcast becomes a powerful marketing tool that positions you as the go-to girl in your field so both your listeners and revenue soar!

Whether you want to launch a new podcast, optimize your existing show, or position yourself as an expert in your field by getting onto other podcasts, I’m here to help you rise!

“Laura is fantastic! I have been working with her to get booked as a guest on podcasts, and she has been amazing to work with. Not only has she booked me on shows, but she’s so incredibly professional, reliable and a joy to work with. Laura put together a pitch PDF to send in her proposals, and each podcaster has mentioned how helpful it was in understanding who I was and what message I wanted to share. If you’re interested in working with Laura, I highly recommend her!”

Marisa Meddin


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