Hey there, Lady - I see you!

You want to be a successful entrepreneur 

living a life of financial freedom

and waking up every day even more excited than the day before. 

If only you could reach more people,

build your tribe,

and share your message …

you KNOW you could make it happen!


Who is going to rule the online space?

There are now over ONE MILLION podcasts available on Apple Podcasts and the growth rate is booming.

And okay, I don’t mean to get all “mathy” on you, but these statistics will totally make your jaw drop:


U.S. Population Listen to Podcasts at Least Monthly (150 million people)


U.S. Population Listen to Podcasts Weekly (103 million people)


Podcast Listeners Fall Between the Ages of 18-44


Podcast listeners more likely to have a household income of over $250,000


Podcast listeners listen to an entire episode (or almost all of it). This is one of the highest engagement rates out there for any media platform!

I’ll help you build that wildly successful podcast of your dreams.

Let’s work together…

We’ll map out your podcast that will not only bring you a consistent flow of revenue but that listeners will keep coming back to episode after episode. 


I will:

 Walk with you step-by-step as you launch a new podcast

 Lift the weight of all the time-consuming production tasks for an existing podcast

 Support you in the creation of a cohesive content plan and promotion strategy.

 No excuses…

What do you need most? 

“Laura kept me on task and took everything with editing out of my hands! I loved it so much! I don’t think I ever would have gotten my podcast out there without her!”

Sabra Gilbert


Need help with launching or managing your podcast?